Monday, June 1, 2009

May poll results are in: You didn't want to touch the May poll with a 10' pole

Up to this point, readers, we had discovered that you like to walk/enjoy nature, were probably one of the theatre people, and were fun and prepared. We had also discovered that you're sensible, smart, funny, and technologically savvy. What was the main take-away this time? This was a boring question.

Let's recap: Here's the May Poll question--
Of my 2 previous roles in high school musicals, which one would YOU rather play (and you have to play the role with gusto, no 1/2-assing): A gangly, Daisy Dukes-wearing member of the chorus in South Pacific OR the Fakir in The Secret Garden?

And here are the results--

The poll received only about half of the responses my polls usually receive, and that's just sad. Out of that unreliable N, 23% of you were, in fact, theatre people, as I suspected in last month's poll. Good for you!

Another 23% of you would have played the gangly, Daisy Dukes wearing chorus member in South Pacific. I just want you 23% to understand that no, you can't really wash someone out of your hair like shampoo. Also, you probably do have nice legs, but you don't have to wear Daisy Dukes. They may not be for everyone.

I'm not even going to address that "7%" because it was only one person, and that person was me. I'm unique, ok, I get it.

And now for the 47% majority who would rather play my mom: Ok yes, the question was bad and yes, you chose the most clever answer. Good for you. Also, you don't even realize how cool you are: My mom wanted to be an opera singer when she was growing up. So am I to deduce, then, that you 47% really are performers at heart? Yes, yes, I think that's what I can safely conclude.

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