Friday, May 29, 2009

Fact-Finding Friday

I miss doing research.

THERE, I said it.

So today, my friends, is Fact-Finding Friday: Send me anything you want me to know about, and I will have a post dedicated to it next week. Really! I'll do the research for you! It's quite the win-win, if you ask me.

And you can ask me about anything - tell me about Egyptian mummies, why does a rainbow appear when it's raining, what is the history of the infield fly rule, where does the saying "raining cats and dogs" came from, when is the next shark week, what is the circle of 5ths, why do other languages have gendered words, what celebrities share my birthday, how do I make a cake, what kind of hybrid car should I buy -- anything you want!

Just comment to let me know what you want to know -- complete this sentence: "Hey Pam, I want to know more about--"


  1. Hey Pam, I want to know more about photography and, in particular, developing a sepia tone.

  2. Hey Pam, I want to know more about techniques to help me remember everything I need to know for the bar exam. Can you help me out with that one?