Thursday, April 30, 2009

April poll results are in: You like to walk/enjoy nature, were probably theatre people, and are fun & prepared!

Hello, readers! It's time to find out more about you!

Last month, we discovered that you are sensible, smart, funny, and technologically savvy! Good for you! This month, you were asked to choose your most likely reaction in the traffic-y, no cell phone scenario. Here are the results:(I realize this may be hard to read, but just click on it and it gets way bigger. The point is, you're still pretty.)

So, as it turns out, this poll has resulted in a 3-way tie for most selected answer! In bad traffic and given the choices, 24% of you chose "shut off your car and go for a stroll." I'm not saying I wouldn't have chosen that one, but really? Where are you going to go? The median? Anyway, you're walkers, I get it. Perhaps you enjoy nature? Also, you are probably physically fit. At least you can manage your anger and you don't explode on your way to yoga, like those 12%. (Note to self: Find out who those 12% are and give back the books you borrowed immediately).

Another 24% of you chose "crank up the volume to Heart's "Alone," stand on the top of your car, and sing at the top of your lungs. During the chorus, once you've attracted some attention, you invite onlookers to join you atop your vehicle." So you like attention. Were you an only child or maybe the youngest? Perhaps you were once one of the theatre people? Did you do drama in high school? I did. I was in South Pacific (I was a nun and one of the random singing ladies in the chorus...I think I wore daisie dukes for that show...embarrassing) and The Secret Garden (I was the Fakir [pronounced fahk-EAR], a dead guy who used to take care of this kid and now sings a lot to keep the audience on track. Try saying "I play the Fakir" in high school - you get a lot of "You play the F***er?!" Ridiculous.). Anyway the point is both of these were musicals, so I get your urge to break into song. In fact, I personally was torn between this one and the next choice, "Invite your fellow traffic sufferers to join you in a game of badminton with the rackets and birdies you keep in your trunk just for these occasions" (24%).

Not that torn. I chose the latter. And for everyone else who did: If I had to pick favorite readers, it would be you. There, I said it. Why? Because it pays to be prepared! I actually do keep badminton rackets and birdies in my trunk, right next to my water gun & balloons, frisbee, whiffle bat and ball, and blow up beach ball. (Oh and my snow shovel, because it really could snow in June). And what happened that time I got a flat tire in a parking lot and somebody had to go back and get some tool or another (whatever, the point is there was waiting involved)? We played badminton in said parking lot, and it was everything I hoped it would be and more.

To the chatties (the 16%): Please don't show me unsolicited pictures of your grand kids when you're 90. Other than that, I still like you. Also, I expect you to leave a comment, because you clearly have a lot to say!

Thanks for voting! Stay tuned for the May poll tomorrow!

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