Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BAM it's the holidays

I'm so sad...my laptop has recently declared itself a Craptop. So in case you're wondering why I seem to be on sabbatical, it's not because I'm trapped under something heavy. In part, it's the craptop (blue screen of death, the whole nine). In, um, other part, it's the holiday season and to my amazement, I've found a way to be as busy as those fortunate enough to have jobs. And I don't even know with what I am busy...watching Dogs101 and SuperFetch? What happened to December? It was my birthday and Thanksgiving, there was a little cranberry sauce and a little turkey (ok, there were WEEKS of turkey), and then BAM! it's the week of Christmas. Somewhere in there were also trips to CT and Florida and NYC. There were birthdays and anniversaries and talks with relatives. I vaguely remember my aunt telling me she once took part in a drum circle.

It's all pretty fuzzy, but I do remember a wedding for which I was a second shooter (photography-like, not mafia-like). Sure, there was dancing and eating and drinking I could not take part in because I was taking pictures. But there were also unforgettable things, like the mother of the groom's veiny cleave, the dollar dance with rabies, the actual good shots I got, the awesome vendor meal, and of course the last song ("Proud To Be An American") and the circle of swaying hand-holders that came along with it. That was the moment I knew I'd be a second shooter again in a heartbeat!

In general, though, I feel like I blacked out somewhere. Or took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. And here we are. It's so good to see you again! I love your new sweater!

In any case, happy holidays to all -- and a new computer for me! Hooray!