Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Me: Happy Cinco de Mayo!
You: Are you of Mexican descent?
Me: Why, no! I celebrate Cinco de Mayo like most Americans: as a general celebration of the culture and experiences of Americans of Mexican ancestry. But I'm not Mexican-American. Remember? We went over this in an earlier post.
You: Oh right! You're of the Unemployed Clan! That's great, but doesn't that kind of limit your Cinco de Mayo celebration? You know, funds-wise?

Listen up, fellow unemployeds: Unemployment doesn't mean you have to halt your Cinco de Mayo celebration for one. I have the perfect solution for you: chicken Taquitos and a shot of Jose. It's festive, it's cheap, and you like it. Now, let's check for the taquitos and Jose.
Taquitos in the freezer: check.
Shot of Jose: checking...

While I check, ponder this: Why the shot of Jose and not a margarita? Because the margarita wasn't even invented until 70 years after Mexico defeated France at the Battle of Puebla (you know, the reason for the holiday? Don't worry; I didn't remember that from 9th grade Spanish either). So the Mexicans who defeated the French army went out and celebrated with...? That's right: chicken taquitos and a shot of Jose. Just. Like. Me.

Ok maybe not just like me: I'm out of Jose. I think I used the last of it when I was celebrating last Filing Day. Shoot. What will I do now?
(looks around for available celebratory alcohol)
(eyes settle on sombrero and Labatt Blue)
Oh well, if they can celebrate Cinco de Mayo in St. Paul Minnesota with gusto, so can I. If I close my eyes and put on the sombrero, maybe the Labatt's will taste like Jose...nope.

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  1. Hahaha, a very witty post. My only excuse for not properly celebrating is finals, and the crappy weather.

    Anyway, I thought you should know I linked you up from my blog (since blogger doesn't trackback..)

    "Some Humorous, Some Serious Unemployment Posts"

    Hope you enjoy!