Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day and Filing Day

Happy St. Patrick's day! And oh, it is happy for me because I'm NOT suffering through an awkward St. Patty's day office party and the likely shenanigans my former boss is probably performing as we write/read!

For example, he is probably wearing something ridiculous and/or creepy like this parade costume at right.


In addition, he and his HR wife have five children, all of whom are all likely to make an appearance in the office later in the day. They are equally likely to wear something ridiculous and/or creepy.


So, PHEW! I am glad I dodged that bullet!

I'm also not Irish, so other than a little night cap, I don't have anything planned for St. Patty's day. But if I did have something planned, AND I was Irish and African or African American, I would wear the Irish Afro wig:

No, it's not just a green clown wig, it's actually labeled an Irish Afro wig. (Don't believe me? Click on the picture.) Look at how excited that guy looks to wear it, too! It is really nice to see that there's something out there for Irish/African Americans to show their heritage on St. Patty's day.

Or, if I were Irish and Chinese or Chinese American, I would certainly celebrate with the St. Patrick's Day Wheel of Fortunes:

These are, I daresay, amazing. Look at the detail! And once again, it really is great to see the Irish showing such inclusion of diversity in their celebratory efforts! Now Irish/Chinese Americans can show their shamrock spirit! The leprechauns on these fortune cookies sure are happy about it.

Or finally, if I were Irish and Mexican or Mexican American, I would definitely show my pride with my favorite: The Talking Leprechaun Pinata!

This Irish favorite of Mexican origin is not at all creepy when he says, "I'm a lucky leprechaun!," "Ouch!," and "Awesome hit!" as you pummel the crap out of him to get yourself some Tootsie Rolls. (At least, that's what he's supposed to say. Click on "Hear me talk!" to find out what he actually says).

But, the point is, I am not Irish, nor am I African/African American, Chinese/Chinese American, or Mexican/Mexican American. I am of the Unemployed Clan. Sadly, our clan doesn't have a specific day in which we display our salient points in a parade. We can't even throw a party because none of us have money. And what fun is a party without my talking leprechaun friend? None. None at all.

No, instead, we celebrate Sundays, for they are "Filing Day," observed from 7am to 7pm.

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