Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Unemployed = No Swimming

Today I am feeling the opposite of yesterday's jubilation: Total despair. Why? Because I just realized that this year I cannot participate in an office March Madness pool.
Since none of my local friends follow college basketball, that leads me to a few important, life changing questions. Among them:
  • Who will comment on my brackets?
  • Who will lose to my superior prediction skills?
  • Who will I track my predictions for, other than myself?
I feel so alone.

Instead making my annual March Madness culinary delights for the office, I will have to eat them all myself. They're supposed to look like this, but they never do-->

Instead of getting into heated arguments with coworkers about how Siena is somehow a 9 seed and how UCONN will not fall to Memphis in the Elite Eight (as President Obama seems to think), I will bask in the confident glow of my own predictions.

Instead of having one tiny speck of wall in my office dedicated to small print outs of my Tournament Challenge Brackets, I will have every wall in my apartment wallpapered with huge copies of Tournament Challenge Brackets, March Madness-related articles, and photos. Just like a crazy person.

Instead of having to give most of my attention to the men's tournament because few of the places I have worked have had a women's office pool, I can devote equal amounts of energy to tracking both races to the final four.

Instead of sneakily tuning in to games and commentary while at my desk, I will have to watch them all from my couch, live and on television...

Wait a minute! This is freakin great!

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