Thursday, March 19, 2009

Creative Shepherd

Creativity often springs from time spent with no particular task at hand (when you're unemployed, for example). It also stems from unusual situations and the ability to look at things in different ways. I, for example, wrote a book and started a blog. I did some fun stuff with business cards. You, on the other hand, might have decided to create some sort of sexy butter sculpture, or perform an interpretive dance on protein synthesis. To each his own. The point is that the possibilities are endless.

These fine gentlemen have illustrated my point completely and have taken creativity to a place not many of us have visited before: shepherding.

I admire their work and am confident I would fit in with these guys. I'm moderately good at training dogs, after all, so maybe I could get a job as the Border Collie trainer! It's settled, then: I will move to wherever these fellas are located and join them as a Baa Stud-ette.

I just hope they're not under a hiring freeze.


  1. glad i could "help" with this one!!!!

  2. I think I was about as *helpful* ;-)