Thursday, March 5, 2009

What to do with old business cards

It looks like I will be able to collect unemployment checks! Still waiting to hear for sure, but the employee on the phone was "pretty sure" I could, and that's enough reason for me to celebrate!

How should I celebrate?

I know! Arts and crafts!
After all, what else am I supposed to do with these old business cards?

The plane

The tower (not my best)
The wall-size inspirational message

The flip book

Something odd I found out while doing my arts & crafts: My name was not on all of the business cards. Some of them, interspersed irregularly throughout the stack, sported by boss's name. Creepy.

Note: I purposefully blurred these (I'm not actually a terrible photographer) because I'm marrying a future lawyer.


  1. Love your attitude and blog. Great craft work too. I've been unemployed for just over three months and I'm "in the town of Self-Discovery" too, heading toward transformation.

  2. Love this idea! I have a ton of business cards sitting around, even though I'm not unemployed, just a student. Linking to your blog in a future post, for sure. Also check out my recent posts about what I'd be doing if I were jobless, it might be inspiring to you as well :-)

  3. hee hee hee am so loving this !! you may get this comment twice as I had a crash on posting - cheers for now le

  4. I came from Le. Loved it! I had 500 cards made up a few months before my husband took a job in a new town. That flip book is MY flip book. I now have about 495 business cards.

  5. i still hand them to people and tell them to contact my office : )