Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dentists...tell you not to pick your teeth...with any sharp...metal object. Then you sit in their chair...

I recently re-watched Bill Cosby's comedy routine, "Himself." I had these bits memorized when I was about eight (which is the age I give for every experience for which I cannot remember my exact age, so I could have been, like, 11...or 5). We used to listen to them in the car (on audio cassette, of course) as we drove the 45 minutes to the Danbury mall. I had never seen the video - the actual act - until I was in college and my girlfriend at the time taped it for me off of HBO. Having just had a tag sale, I came across the tape again, and being unemployed, I decided to watch it.

Isn't it funny how things just come back to you? I was afraid my memory of it had been lost - somehow squeezed out by time or US History facts or something. But I found that I could still recite the Dentist and Chocolate Cake parts of the skit as if I were still eight (or 11 or 5) and in the car on the way to the mall. Something about the rhythm of the words - it was like the way you remember things set to music better than you remember them without a melodic assistance. (Random memory: In my first Spanish class, we learned to conjugate the verb "decir" by a song my classmate, Jeff Tuohy made up: "Digo" *clap-clap, clap* "Dices" *clap-clap, clap* "Dice" *clap-clap, clap*...... and so on. Catchy little number.

Anyway, I was watching the dentist part:

And it's still funny. Man!

So I was watching, and -- have you ever been doing something kind of passive, like watching TV or doing the dishes or something, and you caught yourself thinking or wondering something that was either incredibly creative or crazy? And having caught yourself, you still can't decide which it is? Well, this time, when I was watching the dentist, he got to the "ya ever do any fishing?" part and I thought, "I wonder what language is the easiest to communicate with at the dentist's." Who wonders things like that?!

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  1. You do, of course!

    And btw: I'm not voting in the poll this month. . . because I already know the answer ;-)