Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Low-to-no-budget gift ideas?

There are a few holidays (father's day) and weddings (like 4, other than my own) and birthdays (my dad, my other unemployed friend) and such coming up. Having spent my unemployment checks on the most recent holidays (mother's day), birthdays (my mom), and other celebrations (Jess graduating from law school, a year of being engaged, etc.), I find myself trying to come up with more creative, yet still viable, options for gifts. If you can add to this list, please feel free!

Like, what if I made the gift recipient a scarf? Actually, that probably wouldn't work out. I can't knit or crochet or anything fancy like that, so whatever I made would probably come out all full of holes and hobo-looking. Also, it's 75 degrees outside and, therefore, not scarf season. Maybe I can learn how to knit or crochet in time for Christmas and the wintery birthdays.

OR, or, what if I burn them a CD? Who doesn't like new music, right? At the very least, they could use it as a coaster.

What if I create a pencil/pen holder by decoupaging a coffee can with my old business cards? Do you think people would like that? It would be kind of an artful piece, I guess, since they would use it in an entirely different company than that listed on the cards. Or it would be one of those gifts that you accept graciously and act all excited about only later to move it closer and closer to the garbage.

I'm worried for the first time in my life that I'm going to have to dip into my regift pile, which includes books I've already read, stationary I didn't want, and T-Shirts I won at raffles. I might lose some friends.


  1. Well, as one whose wedding is coming up, I know that I'll be in need of some funky, not too weddingish, decorative picture frames. Since I hate getting my picture taken (because my smile always makes me look high, stupid big cheeks and squinty eyes), anything to distract the attention away from me in the picture would be awesome.

    So, have you ever tried decorating a simple frame? Buy a cheap ugly frame and paint it. You could then pick up some funky cheap tiles, smash them to small bits (also works as stress relief!) and glue them onto the frame in cool designs, thus making a mosaic frame out of something that would have stayed in the 50% off bin until someone threw it out for lack of want. Plus, it takes a little time, so you've then put "heart" into it. And it's unique! Plus, because it's also artful, there are no such things as mistakes.

    Recycled gifts doesn't always have to be something that was given to you - it can be something beautiful made out of leftovers (like Shepherd's Pie - yum!).

  2. In these challenging times an inexpensive but still rockin' law school graduation gift for Jess would be a legal humor lawyer music CD from LawTunes.com -- they're only $15 each, and you save $10 of you buy the set of four. You can listen to clips on the site and decide for yourself. And congratulations to Jess from The LawTunes.

  3. Thanks for the mosaic frame idea! It's a good one. And it's inspired me to make Shepherd's Pie tonight.

    And thanks LawTunes! I had a tape once in high school that was "chemistry humor music" (ex. "Acids and bases have two different faces; two different personalities. If you wanna find out just what they are, you gotta learn chemistryyy!"), so I feel like this will be great. Thanks again, LawTunes!