Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Nasties

I went to Target at 4pm 2 days ago. Four pee em. On a Tuesday. One would think this would be a good time to go to Target, but ohhh no. It was not. I think everyone who is unemployed or had a part time morning job decided to go to Target at 4pm yesterday. And not only did they go to Target yesterday, they did so while driving/walking/biking terribly and not really knowing where the H they were going. And they took their screaming children with them.

After 2 hours of aisle cloggers, screaming parent-less children, and the like, I braved my way through more traffic. On the way home, the traffic was mainly due to people who were trying to cheat the system by traveling in the less-clogged lane until the very last moment when they tried to get back into the turning lane. Such people disgust me. Wait your turn like everyone else! You're just making things worse! Unless I noticed a passenger in need of immediate medical attention (and I didn't: it was always someone driving a BMW while talking on their cell phone), I wasn't going to let those people in.

The fact that I still get all worked up just thinking about my Target excursion 2 days later tells me that it's not just a bad mood: It's definitely a case of the Nasties. Don't you just have those days sometimes, unemployed folk or not, where you feel the world is against you? You get upset at first, and then it blossoms into the kind of anger that makes you scream into a pillow. After that, you're ok for a couple days - that's when the Nasties lay dormant. But then someone accidentally steps on your toe at your 4-year-old cousin's birthday barbeque and the gloves are off. You find yourself throwing a temper tantrum almost as bad as the 4-year-old's, you're asked to leave, and why? Because you have the Nasties.

What causes the Nasties? I should start by clarifying that the Nasties are different from general snarkiness. They're not as serious/clinical as depression. They're almost a cousin of PMS, but only distantly: PMS is fueled by horomones and your mood goes away once the horomone craziness is over. The Nasties come from some deeper worry or disconnect, and only go away when you reconcile that inner turmoil or accept it for what it is.

I'm starting to worry about my lack of employment, hence my case of the Nasties.
Have you ever had the Nasties?

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