Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ENTER MY "...look on the bright side..." CONTEST!

I've decided to have a contest at the suggestion of giantspeckledchihuahua. It's a good one-- tell your friends!
OK, here goes... Fill in the blank: "I'm sorry to hear you're unemployed. But hey, look on the bright side:_________!" (punctuation can vary; I'm not married to that exclamation point)
If you post the funniest answer, you win! Enter as many times as you want!

You: Great! What do I get if I win?
Me: Your answer will be printed on greeting cards that will be for sale in the "Between Jobs: The Blog THE STORE" store! How exciting is that?!
You: I'm not going to lie to you, Pam; it's pretty exciting!
Me: And that's not all!
You: Oh sweet heavens! What else could there be!?
Me: I'll tell you! You'll also get to pick any item from the "Between Jobs: The Blog THE STORE" store and I'll send it to you free.
You: Sweet baby J! How do I enter?
Me: You simply post a comment to this post with your answer to enter*! The winner will be announced when I feel like it, so check back often!

*By submitting any entries in this contest, you grant me permission to use your entry in a card that will be sold at my store.


  1. you don"t have to worry about the high price of gas because you won"t have to drive to work.

  2. at least you aren't unemployed AND being chased across country by a giant dust bunny!

    A rather obscure reference to the Great Depression, I know; but at least I tried! =)

  3. Ok, ok, alright- now we've got the ball rolling!

  4. at least you're still pretty!

  5. at least you have your health (with is good since you have no insurance...)

  6. now you have time to think about the meaning of life!

    or, just sit on the couch, you know, whichever.

  7. ...you can now answer your true calling as a cape-wearing, armband-sporting, daiquiri (dykerie)-running superhero!

  8. If you are browsing at Marshalls on a Tuesday morning and an elderly woman, assuming you work there, asks if you can help her, you can state with a sense of purpose "Yes, I can."

  9. Hey jacssap you won -- check out the announcement post: http://betweenjobstheblog.blogspot.com/2009/05/look-on-bright-side-winner-chosen.html