Saturday, March 7, 2009

A new kind of recycling that cuts into my Lego time

I just got one of these guys in the mail and have come to the conclusion that the Commonwealth may or may not receive a list of recently laid off folks, using it to send them a Summons for Juror Service.

Top 3 reasons why this is awesome:
  • Way to go, MA: you've found a new way to recycle!

  • It keeps the unemployed off the streets
  • It makes the unemployed feel like they're contributing to society again
Top 3 reasons why this is salt in an open wound:
  • When collecting unemployment, any money earned while working part time is subtracted from your weekly unemployment check, providing little to no incentive to have part time work of any kind
  • This takes away from my Lego time
  • It's for Memorial Day weekend. You're telling me out of all the free time I have, you pick a holiday?! Come on...

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