Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bless my bathrobe forever

Part of the beauty of being unemployed is that you can follow through with any thought that would normally go unfinished, no matter where it might lead.

Here's a good example of this: I play trumpet in the Brookline Community Band (yes, I have band camp stories, no they don't involve any flutes), and we're playing Highlights from Camelot. When our 1/2 deaf (bless his heart and hearing aid, it's actually closer to 3/4 deaf) conductor passed out the piece at rehearsal, I was reminded of how my mother used to love the music from that show/movie. She would play it while we did the dishes or rearranged the curtains in the living room and sing merrily along. I tried to watch the 1967 movie rendition growing up, but at age 5, didn't have the patience for monologues and musical numbers. "I should watch that again," I thought to myself, and lo, because of my scads of time, I decided to do just that.

It's delightful corniness and 60s era jokes make me smile...why can't life be more like that? It would be wonderful if we could all stop and spontaneously combust into song. Think of the musical numbers traffic jams would inspire! I'm picturing the choreography now, Jets vs. Sharks style. Oh and the songs I would have sang and the choreography I could have fight-danced when they laid me off...oh to dream.

My frustration with once again being unemployed, though, is still a ripe topic and can easily be set to the tune of Edelweiss:
Unemployed, Unemployed
Once again, I meet thee
Surfing Craig's List, I feel dissed
by the failing economy

When will I get a freaking job?
Will I wait forever?

Unemployed, Unemployed
Bless my bathrobe forever

I plan on singing it in the style of a German bar song every day until I find a job.

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  1. To clarify, I was not 5 years old in 1967. (I was 5 in '87).