Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Si, Italiano!

Thanks to Christmas, I'm not only listening to NPR during my drive, I'm learning Italian too! I got this wonderful time-passing set of CDs from my parents for xmas called "Drive Time: Italian" and I have already learned so much...

la machina e grande
(the car is big)
la caza e piccola
(the house is small)
il mio motorino e veloche
(my motorbike is fast)

These are all VERY useful things!

I love it when I get in repeat mode and repeat something I'm not supposed to. For example:
CD lady: Ascoltati e ripeteti (listen and repeat). Snack- il spuntino
Me: eel spoontino
CD lady: small pizza- una pizzeta
Me: una pete's eta
CD lady: sandwiches- i panini
Me: ee panini...wait that's sandwiches plural! Wow, I never knew---
CD lady: cheese- il formaggio
Me: oh right, eel for-ma-joe
CD lady: lesson seven
Me: lesson seven...doh!

I also love it when CD lady throws me for a looper.
We'll be doing our listen and repeat thing, and everything will be going alright. But then she'll say something like "devo fare una prenotazione al ristorante per favore" and I'm supposed to repeat this. I try, I really do, but it comes out like "devo farr...me na prezoni...a...ante...per favore." I know my per favore's when I hear them, thought, you gotta give me points for that.

I can't wait to learn how to say "You are the worst boss ever! I quit!" in Italiano!

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