Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday is away-from-work time, capisce?

I know you're supposed to be uber-reachable for work these days. I know that people, at least in the US, don't have a clear enough line between home and work time. I know that bosses have contacted people at home before.

But on a Saturday night for something as stupid as this?

My coworker just called me and told me that our boss just called her home number to inquire about the whereabouts of a particular, non-urgent document.

He started the conversation asking if it was a good time to talk. She said no, she was hosting a family party, and he said "oh...well let me just ask you this quick..." continuing anyway. Apparently, he was in the office and could not find this document she had prepared for him. He had searched both his desk and hers to no avail.

First of all, she left it right on his desk.
Second, he routed around her desk?
Third, he called her at home for this?

She told him that it should be on his desk, but even if it wasn't, he could easily find it on the company server. He seemed very wary of this suggestion over the phone, however, and suggested that maybe she should come in and help him look for it.

Quick! What words pop into your mind describing my boss when you hear that story?
Was "helpless" one of them? Yeah! Or "inappropriate?" Definitely inappropriate. What about "creepy?" I sure landed on "creepy" at one point.

For those of you playing the home game in Italian, we would have also accepted "ciuccio."

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