Monday, January 19, 2009

The office manager quit...schadenfreude!

The office manager quit.

Apparently, my boss received a status email from her on Friday night, saying all was well and to check his desk for the folder of stuff she usually leaves for him when he gets in on Monday. He figured everything was fantastic, had a good weekend, and returned to work Monday. Just now, he finally got to the folder, and from the other room, I hear "What the f***?!" (Didn't I mention how professional he is?)

15 minutes later, he explained to the 3 of us the reason for his outburst: In the folder was our OM's letter of resignation. Basically, from the parts that he was willing to share, it says "I quit. I'm not coming in anymore. Don't contact me." Everyone around here is expressing their surprise and outrage, both sentiments that I fully support and can get behind. I mean, who doesn't even give 2 weeks notice? And leaves in a letter? And says not to contact them?

Furthermore, my boss revealed that now we are in deep financial trouble because we don't know where she left off, what has paid, what hasn't been paid, or even if we're in the red or not. So yes, surprise and outrage are warranted.

But in addition to the surprise and outrage, I am also laughing uncontrollably inside. I think I've come down with schadenfreude. There's part of me that's thinking: You trusted this person to be in charge of your financials and never checked up on that? She was only here for less than five months and you just said "here's complete financial responsibility?" Really?! I mean, you kind of had the shit storm coming, don't you think?

Also, how much do I just want to follow in her footsteps? Ohhhh I think you know how much.

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