Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat Wave = Sleep Talking

So I've probably mentioned that I occasionally talk in my sleep. It's nothing like the Sleep Talkin' Man or anything, but it's there. And sometimes, it's a problem.

When it's over 90 during the day and over 75 at night, my sleep talking phenomenon is much, much worse. The other night, under said conditions, I may have given my wife a heart attack. She apparently took the sheet with her when she rolled over during the night, and then, quite suddenly, I pounced on her. I also said "NOOOO," gave her quite a look (through closed eyes, which is impressive), and attempted to steal the sheet back. Why I was upset baffles me because who would want to be covered by anything, even a sheet, in this heat? Anyway, she thought I was awake because of how coherent I sounded and seemed, so she was asking me logical questions like, "what, what's wrong?!" and "what do you want?!" Her heart was racing for at least another 25 minutes. I, however, was softly snoring within seconds. I don't remember any of this and was appalled to learn it the next morning.

Arguably worse, the night after that, I woke her up because I was yelling in a shrill, panicked voice, "HURRY NO HURRY NO HURRY NO" over and over again. She woke up and possibly turned on the light to see what was wrong. Was there a robber? Was our house on fire? Was someone going to win an Olympic medal if only they could HURRY but oh NO there was someone catching up? No. Just me, sleep talking over nothing. Sometimes, I wonder if there's something wrong with me.

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