Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We're on our honeymoon. And so are you.

When Jess and I were on our honeymoon, any thoughts or feelings related to our unemployment were completely drowned by the deliciousness of Sonoma Valley wines and left at the bottom of one of the many San Francisco hills. Instead, we were rightfully and blissfully focused on being honeymooners.

At each winery we went to, we tasted amazing wines. I took about a thousand pictures and made Jess take a video with our new Flip camera. I couldn't take pictures and videos simultaneously, so Jess was the obvious candidate for H-moon Videographer. Plus, the one time I did take a video myself, it was at a gas station. Jess was cleaning up the gas she spilled on her toe, and I wanted to point out the horses that were across the parking lot. I went on about the horses...and you couldn't even see them on the video. Then I almost got hit by a MAC truck, so there was running and a lot of out-of-focus-ery that made for a good ol' queasy time.

(Side note: To anyone considering buying a Flip: Files are in mp4 format and you can't burn your own DVDs. Screw you, Flip people! Why can't I have the rights to something I filmed myself? Why do I have to pay $20 for you to burn me a DVD? Please tell me that comes with a side of fries at least! I will have you know, however, that the Flip was fun during the honeymoon, and it was cool to hook it up to a high def TV and watch the videos post-H moon.)

As the trip progressed, Jess grew tired of me always saying "ooo! take a veeedeo!" and pulling on her sleeve. Especially when I did it every time our food came when we were out to eat. I ask her to take a video and as she did, I would eat. There are a lot of videos of me eating. What a jerk.

Anyway, at each winery, we soon discovered that telling folks we were on our honeymoon often resulted in generously waived tasting fees, and in one case at Cline Cellars, a good-hearted gift of a free bottle of zinfandel. It was spectacular. It got to the point where, towards the end of the trip, we were at a winery (I won't name any names...*Ravenswood* cough cough), told them we were on our honeymoon, they didn't give us the H-moon discount, and we were disappointed.

My point is this: If you're unemployed and you have a friend, there is a chance that you too can benefit from the H-moon discount. If you were recently married, that's an added bonus, but if not, grab that friend and head to the store or the circus or the fair or a car dealership or somewhere! Why? Because you're on your honeymoon. And you should get a discount. Unless you're at Ravenswood.

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