Friday, August 28, 2009

Put your hands up for Detroit

My most recent Google image search: Detroit hair cut

Back story: Over the weekend of our bridal shower in NY, after things had petered out and it was just me, Jess, and our respective parents, my Dad was addressing the group. We were on the topic of hairstyles, and he was telling us how he went to get his hair cut just the other day. He said he jokingly asked for a "butch," which, after our shower of confused looks, my Dad clarified that this meant a military-esque, flat top sort of do. Crowd: "Ohhhh." Now that we were on board, he decided to continue onto joke #2, which was, "I asked her if she could give me a Detroit, and she didn't even know what it was!" Us: Giggling, but not entirely sure what he was talking about. He wasn't getting the reception that he expected, and asked us if we knew what a Detroit was. We shook our collective head sheepishly. He threw his hands up in astonishment, then proceeded to explain what a Detroit hair cut is.

The inspiration for my search: Apparently, it's a men's haircut wherein the top is cut short and spiked and the sides are left long. Not mullet long, just long enough to slick back. Classy, right? Of course, I had to find a picture of this monstrosity in all its glory.

The result: I was, however, unsuccessful. All searches for this hairstyle (which included Detroit hair, mens Detroit, mens Detroit hair, spiked mullet, slicked spiked hair, etc.) came up surprisingly empty. But that wasn't even the real surprise. The real surprise was the number of times my searches landed me on the Detroit Hair Wars.

Obvious revised search: Detroit Hair Wars



Annual Detroit Hair Wars
July 19, 2009

email for details

This all started in Detroit over 20 years ago. Back in 1985, Hair Wars was started in Detroit nightclubs as a stage show for local hairstylists to showcase their craftsmanship. This idea was conceptualized by DJ David Humphries, aka "Hump The Grinder". Since then, Hair Wars turned into an annual phenomenon in the hair styling industry.

I'm sorry, "aka 'Hump the Grinder'"?

Final search: Duh, "Hump the Grinder"

Result: There are no words...

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  1. Pam,

    After seeing that footage, I had to do a little searching. According to a list I found, "a Detroit" is actually a combination of two haircuts - the well known Flattop and a haircut that's even more emblematic of the 1950's but whose charming name I had never heard: Duck's Ass or Ducktail. So named because - well, see for yourself. That's right - your dad was talking about the haircut preferred by such luminaries as Elvis and The Fonze.