Monday, August 17, 2009

I've missed you, blog!

Last week was quite a week!

We spent the first half in PTown...
...and the second half at Seneca winery hopping and bridal shower #2 in NY.

To sum it all up, PTown was beach, friends, sun, shopping, karaoke, drinks, gay!, a bad show that purported to be funny but was in fact bizarre, and singing like a lounge singer with a lounge singer (perhaps more on this later). Binghamton was family fun, winery-tastic, BBQ, spiedies, trips to Wegman's, laughing, drinks, surprise photo shoot, and a gift-opening good time. Through all of it, I've missed you! Here's a puzzle to say, "let's never go a week without each other again!"

Click to Mix and Solve
I think we need to set up an intervention for Sparki...

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