Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid-month puzzle: Learning to swim

Did you know that because of the particles in the atmosphere that collect during the week (due to things like more people traveling in their cars and moving about and industry and what not), it's more likely to rain on the weekends? Just terrible! That's why I'm glad that I can do things like teach Emma to swim during the week when it's nice out!

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When I started skipping stones, she thought she was supposed to retrieve them and started really getting in deep. Just at the point she couldn't touch, there was a moment where she was like "ohh I'm still floating, cool" and then she started to sink and BOOM, swimming instinct took over. She was paddling like a champ!

Afterwards, there was the dreaded BATH to wash away all the smelly pond scum, and this was her reaction post-bath:

Have a lovely sunny summer day!

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  1. Who knew your knees made such a great scratching post? =)