Friday, July 24, 2009

Feeling Rainy/Frosty Paws Friday

It's raining AGAIN today. It's rained so much this summer that it's gotten to the point where I constantly feel rainy - meaning that I dress like it's going to rain, I act like it's going to rain, I plan my work out like it's going to rain, I never leave the house without an umbrella, and I always feel like staying in and reading or watching a movie with some popcorn are good ways to spend an evening. (Also remember I have limited choices because my fiancee is studying for the bar...countdown: 6.5 days). Don't take this to mean I'm a constant downer, because that's not it. It's just that I've adapted to all the rain. I walk outside and it's just a reflex to want to take cover. I even feel weird when it's sunny. This must be like what people in Mobile, Alabama (the rainiest place in the US with 67 inches on average per year - yeah, apparently, Seattle's not even in the top 10 in terms of amount of rain per year) or Bergen, Norway (where it rains 2 out of every 3 days) or Tutunendo, Colombia (464 inches of rain on average per year - are you KIDDING me?) feel like all the time. Huh.

On a totally different note, today could also be called "Frosty Paws Friday" because Sparki's 15th birthday is coming up and we just got him a pack of Frosty Paws- the peanut butter kind, because he loves peanut butter. It's the perfect treat for him because he's losing his teeth and isn't allowed anything really difficult to chew these days (like rawhide or anything like that). So, bless his little heart, he'll celebrate his old age with a half melted "ice cream like" treat on Sunday. And maybe a birthday hat. And a little extra glucosamin and chondroitin for that bad hip and arthritic front paw and old ACL injury (you think I'm kidding...). What a champ he is!

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