Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sense of Accomplishment

Sometimes I miss that feeling you get when you get things done at work. You know, like when you have so much to do on your to do list that you think you'll just melt into an unintelligible pile of goop by the end of the day -- but then you somehow find a way to get it done. I like that feeling. It's stressful AND rewarding. It's rewarding because it's stressful, somehow.

Being unemployed, though, it's been hard coming up with that feeling. So I've invented ways to get there. I do still make to do lists, but now they look less like this:
  • call vendor A to tell them we're not going with them
  • call vendor B to say yes we'll take 200 please
  • check data for segments 2 and 3
  • code all data
  • explain to client slide 32
  • create slide 32
  • etc.
and they look more like this:
  • eat breakfast
  • laundry: lights
  • laundry: darks (I separate them on the list, like in real life, mostly because that way, I get to cross off 2 things)
  • give doggies a bath
  • go running
  • take a shower
  • write blog entry
  • have lunch
  • beat level 14 of gyrostarr
  • watch netflix movie
  • eat banana
  • do dishes
  • continue with wedding planning
That last one tends to branch off into several different to do's, all to do with wedding planning.
I like to cross things off as I go, and I like to pretend there's deadlines to things like laundry and what not. I set reminders in my gmail calendar that I have to eat a banana. It works for me.

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