Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Money saver/maker/excuse to have a BBQ: Yard Sale!

We're having a yard sale this weekend. Actually, I don't know if we can call it a "yard" sale, as there's hardly a yard where we're selling our stuff. It's more of a driveway. Does that make it a driveway sale? Probably not because then nobody would know what that was. "I'm going to go score some cheap crap at the driveway sale over on Main Street. You wanna come?" Yeah, it just doesn't have the same ring. So if not "yard" or "driveway" sale, is it a "tag" sale? This stuff's old, i.e. I ripped those tags off long ago. (Unlike a wedding guest I saw once whose tags were still on part of her dress. OH, and her hot pink bra was intentionally visible in a way that said "this is the only undergarment I'm wearing." I wouldn't want to buy that dress. Nosiree). Ok, so not tag sale either. You know what, I don't freakin know. I won't even pretend to know what the difference even is, so we're going to go with "yard" sale because that's what I saw used most on Craigslist. Thank you for listening to me think out loud.

The yard sale was mostly my idea. I know that my old tapes (yes, know you want my copy of You've Got Mail) and computer games (for Windows 95...and earlier) aren't what you'd call "hot cakes," but 50 cents is 50 cents. Actually, I really think my old bike helmet from Costco could be worth something. It is an antique, afterall. Honestly, I really just have a lot of crap and would like to think a yard sale could assist in helping me get rid of it, as well as make me some sort of dough.

At first, it was just going to be me. Nobody was really into the idea...until the word BARBEQUE was uttered. And then people repeated it and told their friends, someone volunteered to make the burgers, another person asked what kind of keg they should get, one guy said he'd contact his circus connection and get a clown with balloon animals to show up...and then it got out of hand, reigned in, and now it's just a simple yard sale/BBQ/fiasco.

Initially, I didn't need the BBQ or other people to get excited; I would have done it if it were just me and my crap on the corner. But now that there's a few people in on it, I'm looking forward to not only getting rid of my crap and making a buck fifty; I'm looking forward to burgers and beer. AND, there's something else that's just as important as all that: Now my crap will be sold alongside other people's crap, and honestly, my crap feels pretty good about that. I also feel good about that because it makes me feel like less of a homeless person.

Really the moral of the story is that I'm excited to eat burgers, drink beer, and watch people buy my crap! I just hope it doesn't rain. That could add a dimension to this whole mess that I'm not really prepared for. After all, you can't have circus clowns and animals drinking beer in the rain.

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