Friday, June 19, 2009

Fed-Up Friday: Ever have days where your ovaries just shrivel up?

Yesterday was one of those days.

Ovary destroyer #1: I was walking my dogs at the park and there were kids there (from say, 8 to 11, mostly boys) setting up for their little league game. Two of them walked up to us and started barking at my dogs, who were, for once in their lives, not doing anything wrong. Of course, they started barking, and the little kids laughed and ran away. All I could say was "real nice" in a kind of sarcastic way, which only made them laugh harder. My ovaries, seeing how children can be, decided no, no, we don't want any of that, thank you, and retreated from the scene.

Ovary destroyer #2: Jess and I went running in the Southwest Corridor, where there are two separate paths for walking and biking. There is pretty clear signage (pictures and everything), and generally people follow the rules. We were in the most narrow part of the corridor and saw a gaggle of 12 year old girls approach the path on their bikes. They chose the running path. They didn't even stay to one side or try to get out of our way, so we stepped off the path and onto the grass. As they passed, Jess said, "There's a separate biking path on the other side." Just pointing it out. Not snotty in the slightest. And one of the girls looked over her shoulder as they passed us and said, "shut up." Again, all I could do was retort, "real nice" sarcastically. My mother would have slapped off my face, baked it into a homemade cookie, and served it to the adult I had disrespected if she ever caught me acting like that! After that, my ovaries were silent with disgust as they shriveled and shrank to a size so small, I couldn't even find them with a magnifying glass.

I shared this story with my mom, who works as a teacher's aid. She shared in my distaste that "these young people today are just so disrespectful!" We hung up. I sat back and replayed the day in my head. That's when I realized that not only had my ovaries gone on strike, but I had celebrated my 90th birthday as well.


  1. i find that "kids these days" (yep i said it, slap another 90 candles on your already-overloaded cake for me, friend) make my ovaries take flight as well!!!!! puts them right back where they belong, though. (my ovaries. not those dratted kids.) trust.

  2. yes, life would be simpler if we could all have baby pandas instead