Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fact Finder: Studying for the Bar

Here's another entry from Fact-Finding Friday----
Jessica says: "Hey Pam, I want to know more about techniques to help me remember everything I need to know for the bar exam. Can you help me out with that one?"
Yes, Jessica. Yes I can.

In her blog, Lawsagna, this woman has a bunch of ideas as to how to remember a lot of information for the bar exam. I have never had to remember nearly as much info as is tested on the bar, but I've always found things like mnemonics helpful. She also covers lame things, though, like making crossword puzzles out of law terms. That just sounds ridiculous. But, it's all a matter of what works for you.

For example, her tip to find as metaphors and associations is one that might work well for you. The "memory palace" technique she talks about might sound far fetched, but I know you have a sort of photographic-ish memory, so it could be a good way to go. In this technique, you imagine a place or a route you know well and then place different things/principles/whatever in distinct places in that room or on that route. So like, rules of evidence could be placed in different spots in your living room (in your head, we're talking here). And then when you're trying to remember the rules of evidence, you can "walk through" the living room and say "oh there's such and such a rule, right there by the tv" and so on. Then again, you can't remember where you put your phone a lot of the time, so maybe this isn't a good technique for you.

Here's an interesting bit: Doodling can help you remember stuff during a boring lecture. Although, I see you doing those online lectures and you have to be taking notes all the time, so maybe that won't work. But if you have a free moment, don't forget to doodle if you're bored.

Other than that, looks like the best thing you can do is do the bar prep/barbri stuff. All in all, you are a great standardized tester and I think you're gonna be fine!

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  1. Thanks lady! I think that actually might help!