Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I wish I had a cheering section in my pocket

So I was watching the NBA finals the other night and I thought to myself: There are millions of people, myself included, cheering because a guy nicknamed "Big Baby" made a shot. Yes, it was amazing. But it's his job to make that shot. Wait a second...what if we all had fans to cheer us on while we did our jobs?

Think about it! You're chugging along, writing some memo or another, and a small crowd of people starts to chant your name and wave signs. When you finish, there's cheering and high-fiving and hoopla of all sorts. And you get all your stats on a card like a baseball card (wow, do they even make those anymore, and if so, does anyone really still collect them?): Number of sales, typing speed, software you're familiar with, your educational background...and a really nice picture of you on the front. Imagine the ego boost! For unemployed folk, this would mean a section of face-painted fans cheering for you as you completed your three job contacts for the week. After all, finding a job is sort of the unemployed's "job," now, isn't it? If you actually got an interview, imagine how the face-painted fans would jump up and down, like they had money on you getting a job or something. Even if you didn't get the position, they'd still win because hey, at least you beat the spread. I wish I could keep people like this in my pocket. My own miniature cheering section. *Sigh*

The only way this cheering and encouragement could go wrong is if there were people who rooted against you. Thunder sticks can be very annoying, after all, and no one needs that kind of distraction in their daily life. So, in short, I'm not saying that I necessarily want this to happen. It already sucks enough when I have to apply to three jobs every week that don't sound good at all but there's nothing else out there and I have to apply to something. To add booing and chants of "joooob-leeeeess! jooooob-leeeess!" would just make it worse. All I'm saying is, it would be interesting. You know, spice it up a little.

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