Friday, April 3, 2009

Today must be "Philosophical Phriday"

You know how when you're a kid, the world kind of sparkles? Your eyes kind of get that saucer-y quality as you stare at something you've never seen before (ex. Let me get this right - you put a bunch of disgusting goop from the refridgerator into a pan, put it in the oven, and this yummy cake thing comes out 25 minutes later? What do you call it? Cheesecake, eh? More please!) or as you ponder a new concept (ex. What do you mean, the sun is a big ball of gas?! No way, Mr. Saska!). I guess you want to know everything about everything because it all seems so shiny and interesting.

Then as you grow up, you get a little jaded and more than a little side-tracked with all the stuff you're supposed to be learning and doing. You don't have time to ask "why?" anymore. You have social studies homework, band practice, track have to pull an all-nighter because right after you saved your project the floppy disk (that's right floppy disk) broke (true story), sleep in, do a keg have to camp out in line for the post office to get some forever stamps, stay late at work, schedule time to do have a life to lead.

At least, I feel like that's what happened to me. Somewhere along the way, Curious George got lost. This is not very surprising because he always seemed a little ADHD to me, but the point is that he used to visit me all the time...wait, that came out wrong. That sounded like George was some sort of euphemism for a menstrual cycle or was, perhaps, an imaginary friend taken to an unhealthy level. What I mean is that I was once so full of wonder, but my wonder was soon replaced by my list of things to do. Now, however, being unemployed, I've found that "George" is back! I've found myself buying books like "Meteorology Demystified" and asking questions like "why do what they do in the microwave?"

So maybe the lesson here is that unemployment can be character-building; not only in a brute existent kind of way, but also in a 'the more you know' kind of way.

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