Thursday, April 23, 2009

Money Saver: Being Unemployed?

I was thinking more about how to save money and realized that being unemployed is saving me money. Oh sure, I don't have an income other than my weekly gift from the Commonwealth and that's really not financially ideal. But, by not going to work, I save money because:
  • I don't have to buy lunch (not that I could at my last job because I'd have to drive miles to one of the 3 closest Chinese places, but you get the idea)
  • Like Trent mentioned, I don't have to spend money to de-stress as much. I'm still stressed (in a below-the-surface, mild kind of way) about not having a job, but I don't come home and burst into tears because I hate my job so much
  • I don't have to fill up my tank once or twice a week (or for those of you who take public transit, you don't have to buy a monthly pass. Plus, you also don't have to deal with the smelly people during summer rush hour. That's an emotional sanity boost right there)
  • I have more time to do all those healthy things Trent was talking about, which apparently save me money
  • I have time to do things that I enjoy and that can potentially make me money, like entering writing contests and such
  • I have time to do free things, like beer and wine tastings that happen between 5 and 6pm when I would normally be driving home from work
  • I'm not at work, so I'm not being bullied into contributing to my boss's Christmas or birthday gift (look for this on a future Memory Monday...)
  • Also, without an income, I'm focusing on more general ways to save money (as you could tell by my last 2 posts or so)
  • I don't need to hire a dog-walker for the little idiots because I'm here all day
  • I don't get sucked into stores on my way home from work, reducing window shopping and impulse buying
That's like $300 a week right there! I should look on the bright side more often!

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