Monday, December 15, 2008

Why we're here

Why did I start this blog?
  1. Because you and I are both smart and funny and we deserve each other.

  2. How else would you find out about my awesome, not-yet-published, reality-based humorous novel called Between Jobs: A Novel? (Well, that might not be the final title. I'll let you know.) Answer: You might not! *Gasp!* Especially because it's not published yet (beside the point!) As you may already know, you have no idea who I am (yet...). I would love for us to spend more time together before you make the commitment of sitting down with the page-turning fruits of my labor.

  3. What do we do, you and I, while we're waiting to take that next step together? I'm glad you asked! We gather around the glow of the computer and discuss how awesome my current job is. Trust me, it's funner than you think!

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